How we can help You achieve Your business targets with Google AdWords?

  • Create Google AdWords campaigns which laser target your specific market
  • Provide results driven campaigns to get relevant traffic to your website
  • Get more for each click you spend and lower the cost per click
  • Deliver smart internet marketing service to get you leads fast

How do we work to build Your business to get you more leads from Google AdWords?

  • Market research of your business, your market and goals for your Google AdWords campaigns
  • Develop strategic plan to your current campaigns and build the new ones
  • Thorough keyword research to target buyers of your services and products, not traffic
  • Constant optimization of your campaigns to lower the cost of clicks and increase the conversions
  • Regular reporting results and creating new campaigns to grow more leads for you

How we improved Google AdWords for a small local business?

Client contacted us and required as to review the account. We provided full review of their Google AdWords account within 2 working days. We analyzed the account and found many opportunities to get more leads and lower the cost per click.

What we have done?

  1. Setup new campaign to target specific areas they operate within London.
  2. The new campaign shows ads only for 5.5 hours in the morning when their customers call to book their services
  3. We added more negative keywords, so ads don’t show for not relevant keywords. This means their ads don’t show to searchers who are looking for free service or the similar service which they don’t provide
  4. Created more ad copies so they have higher click-through-rate
  5. Added more relevant keywords to campaign
  6. Track IP addresses if competition is clicking on their ads often (we already found some which we excluded from the campaigns)
  7. Provided suggestions to client to update the landing page to get better conversion from visitors landing on the website

What we got the next day after doing so?

5 new clients within the first hour of the campaign started running in the morning. More and more clients on the following days.

Do you want to get started now?

Contact us by calling on 0787 2304 981 or write to us using the contact form.